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What is Muscle Meat

Muscle Meat will be the main portion of your pet's raw food diet.  Muscle Meat should never be enhanced, seasoned or cooked in any way.    Muscle Meat should account for 80% of your pet's raw food diet.

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Muscle Meat



Hearts contain zinc and essential amino acids that help build muscle, store energy and boost stamina.  The heart also contains twice as much collagen than regular meat which is important for healthy joints.

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Chicken Gizzards


Gizzards provide a high protein content as well as vitamin B-12, iron and zinc.  

Available in:

10 lb. Bulk Bag 

40 lb. Case

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Beef Green Tripe


Green Tripe is the nutrient-rich lining of the stomach of the cow.  Green Tripe has not been bleached or cleaned and therefore should not be eaten by humans.  Green Tripe offers a balance of nutrients as well as beneficial bacteria and enzymes to help digest food so your pet can get the full natural value from their meals.  

Green Tripe helps promote good bacteria in the stomach, eliminating the need to add a probiotic.  

Feeding Recommendations:

Do Not Cook Green Tripe.   Follow all safety messages on label.  Feed up to 3% of your pet's body weight each day.  

Available in:

2 lb. Chubs       $13.98/each

5 lb. Chubs       COMING SOON

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